About LakeWall

LakeWall Holding was established in 2013 as an investment vehicle for acquiring and developing a global network of high technology companies, technology sales companies and related facilities.

Our Investment Approach

Innovation underpins mankind’s response to some key challenges we face globally today – climate change, increasing resource and water scarcity, maintaining healthy populations and creating equitable, sustainable growth in a globalised interconnected world.

At LakeWall we are looking to acquire and partner with companies in 3 areas:

1) Companies that have proven, profitable products and services that enable innovation

2) Companies that have proven technologies that need experienced global managers to help them accelerate globally

3) Early stage companies with products we can help commercialise and that we can help grow to have transformational impacts.

We know we are one of many in this field and the challenges are large but as the Chinese say “let a thousand flowers bloom” – we hope we can partner with you to make an impact.

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